Squeaker I.D. Custom Poochlight™ LED Light Up Flashing Dog Collar

Your dog is unique, don't they deserve to show their unique character? Absolutely they do! Thant's why we have created Squeaker I.D. (Individual Doggos) - Choose from over 28,000 unique variations. Love blue fabric but you just have to have orange LEDs? Want a pink battery box with a yellow clip and white stitching? Not a problem! Spec your pooch's collar they way you want. All Squeaker I.D. collars are hand made to your specification and ship within 4 weeks of ordering from our central warehouse in HK. so what are you waiting for, we can't want to see the fabulous creations you guys come up with!

Keep them safe, bright and in sight with the Poochlight™ Illuminating dog collar.
Our products are totally safe to use and do not harm your dog in any way.

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Collections: Collars, Squeaker ID, The Range

Type: Dog Collar

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