The Ultimate In Safety & Performance

Best In Class Technology 


Rapid USB

Dual Pair

Dual Optical 
Fiber Strips

Three Night
Flashing Modes

Over 10 Hours
Battery Life

30 Day

From the outset we set out to create a product that allowed our beloved pets to be visible during our nightly walks without compromising on quality and practicality. A basic web search revealed a plethora of illumination products on eBay which appeared to suit our needs but were either unattractive, impractical, not bright enough and ultimately broke.

After a fruitless search to find a product to match our exacting standards we decided to create our own! 1
2 months later after intensive research, product development and testing the revolutionary Squeaker Poochlight™ 'came to light.' 
Components were carefully researched and upgraded. Issues of light absorption, light distribution, over the length of the collar and leash
prevalent in the cheaper models was addressed, doing away with unattractive light discoloration.

USB charging was added, along with an updated insulated wiring system with a dim charge indicator. 

Poochlight dominated the competition because we use 2 pairs of high output LED lights on each end of our collars and leads (4 in total) as opposed to the other LED light up collars that use a single LED light. Poochlight also uses dual Optical fiber strips as opposed to a single wider strip allowing for greater illumination, visibility, flexibility and comfort.

Being visible to potential dangers such as a collision with cyclists, pedestrians and cars gave us the confidence and piece of mind that our pups are safe and in sight with the best quality product on the market.

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Feature Function Benefit
USB Charging Rechargeable Battery via USB (Cable included) Convenience, No need to replace batteries
Dual Optical Fiber Illumination Higher visibility and flexibility. Safety 
Dual Pair LED (M-L) Only Illumination Even illumination. No dull patches or colour fading
High Output LED Illumination Ultra bright illumination for maximum visibility
 Quick Charge 1 hour quick charge with charge indicator Quick charge with low light charge indicator
Splash Proof Light moisture protection Hard wearing. Splash proof. Multipurpose 
Insulated Wiring Loom Protection Protection from wire breakage


Compare Poochlight To The Competition.

A lot of you wanted to know what makes a Squeaker Poochlight collar different from our competitors and how can we claim to be the Ultimate in LED Pet Safety. We know what goes into a Squeaker Poochlight product and now we want you to be able to compare for yourself. 

What better way to get our point across than in a chart! We all love a chart and even better a matrix so we created this easy visual reference so you can make an informed decision with your hard earned cash on why our Light Up LED Dog products are the best in illuminating pet safety and the best value for money. 

With the popularity of LED pet safety products on the rise there are many cheap eBay imitators, which we don't include in this comparison instead we chose to pit ourselves against the established and leading brands in LED pet technology. 

View Our Comparison Chart Here