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We set off on this little journey after our director and lead designer Chris had the idea for a light up dog collar and leash while riding his bike and noticing how hazardous and easy it was for cyclists and dogs to collide while commuting on the same paths. After a few close shaves and an unintended swim in the river the Poochlight was born and we haven't looked back. SHOP NOW!

Squeaker Poochlight is now selling in over 30 states and Provinces in the USA, Australia and Canada with rave reviews from Australia's best VET's, the worlds most renowned blogs and news outlets Squeaker is here to stay.

At Squeaker it's our policy never to pay for endorsements, testimonials or product reviews. Everything that is published about the Squeaker brand and our Poochlight products are completely unbiased and the editors bloggers and customers receive no payment.

Why do we do this? The simple answer is honesty and integrity. When it comes to your dog and it's safety we want you to be reading honest unbiased reviews so that you can make the most informed decision about your pets safety and the Squeaker range of LED Light Up products.

Dog Milk Interview

So what goes into designing one of the most innovative and effective light-up LED dog collars and leashes on the market?

Dog Milk sat down with the founder of Squeaker, Christopher Forcucci, to discuss the role technology plays in the pet industry and how it can be used to improve the lives of pet parents and dogs alike!

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Haus Of Pug

The first thing I noticed about the collars were the awesome bright colours! They look so funky and are available in six different hues. This includes: Pink, blue, yellow, green, orange Monster Mash and red. I chose blue for Chowski to match his leather collar.

Killa of course got Flamingo Pink!

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Help protect Spot during his nighttime walks by outfitting him with the light up dog collar. This custom leash's stylish and functional design features bright LED strips along the collar's surface designed to keep your pup visible in dimly lit environments.

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Pretty Fluffy

It's easy to see what sets Squeaker dog collars and leads apart from other brands their inbuilt state of the art LED displays within the collars and leads themselves. Once charged, both the collar and the lead's dual light strips glow strongly with a viewing distance of up to half a mile! Even with Soda's lion like mane the collar was highly visible at all times.

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Dog Milk

"The Poochlight is one of the best "light up" safety products I've seen.It features 3 different flashing modes for added visibility, is splash resistant, and the USB-rechargeable battery boasts over 10 hours of life per charge. Available in your choice of 7 highly visible colors."

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The Living Room With Dr Chris Brown

"There is a big issue with pets exercising in winter and in the dark because they can quite easily stray away from where you are and end up on a road and in the dark So this sort of thing could save lives, I do think it is quite a good idea."

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Creature Clinic With Dr Joanna Paul

"A very cool looking collar. I liked that the LED array ran around the majority of the collar circumference.This made the collar visible from most angles no matter what the orientation of the collar sitting on the neck."

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Mrs Sizzle

"It was time for there to be a peace treaty between dog and bike so he created Poochlight: leashes and collars with built in rechargeable LED lights that flash, glows, and come in seven different colors.Check out the ultimate dog night time accessory on Mrs. Sizzle's list!

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Thats Life Magazine

Squeaker addresses the issue of pets being invisible to traffic. High powered, light emitting doiodes (LED's) with dual optical fibre strips are encased in fashionable colorful colors and leads. All Poochlight Products are water resistant with three flashing modes.Poochlight's fully rechargable via USB and made especially for Australian conditions. Free delivery too!

Four & Sons

The Poochlight by Squeaker is a new collection of LED, light up leashes and collars that flash neon in the night and help you keep your pooch in sight during those times when things like work get in the way of a daytime stroll. Walking your pup late at night need no longer be a scary experience.

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"Illuminated Collars And Leashes That Keep Your Dogs Safe And Visible At Night" keeps your dog safe from the paths of unsuspecting joggers, or speeding cyclists and vehicles.

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Thank god for the new Poochlight Collar and Leash from Squeaker. The Poochlight is the most advanced LED light up pet safety system, with the brightest illuminating collars and leashes.

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Vanity Pets

L'idea dei collari e i guinzagli al led è del designer ChristopherDean che, mentre era in sella alla sua moto, ha potutoconstatare quanto fosse pericoloso e poco visibile un cane a passeggio con il buio. Nasce così Poochlight.

Knew One

"Illuminated Collars And Leashes That Keep Your Dogs Safe And Visible At Night" keeps your dog safe from the paths of unsuspecting joggers, or speeding cyclists and vehicles.

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Squeaker is a pet tech company based in Australia, with two distributions centers – in the U.S. and Australia.The company was created by Director and Lead Designer Christopher Forcucci, who was inspired to create a safe way for pets to be seen at night, reducing accidents with oncoming cyclists and traffic.

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Wagging World

"Illuminated Collars And Leashes That Keep Your Dogs Safe And Visible At Night" keeps your dog safe from the paths of unsuspecting joggers, or speeding cyclists and vehicles.

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