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Three Night
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30 Day

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"The Squeaker Poochlight™ is safety Squeaker style. Keep your dog safe and in sight with the worlds most advanced LED light up pet safety system."

Poochlight are not only the brightest illuminating dog collar and leads available, Poochlight™ is also the only illuminating pet safety product that is both water resistant and rechargeable via USB cable.
Heavy duty, best in class technology and components, means no more changing batteries and no need to worry about your loved one rolling around in the mud and damaging the unit. Squeaker Poochlight™ Light Up LED collars and leads are ready for the real world. 

Why do I need an illuminated LED dog collar and leash?

The simple answer is safety. Once you own a Poochlight™ flashing dog collar and leash you will wonder what you ever did without it. Crossing the road, off lead in the park, jogging on a shared pathway
, all these scenarios can be hazardous especially in dimly lit areas.  Stepping off the curb into the path of a speeding car or cyclist could result in serious injury. Using an LED flashing collar and leash makes you more visible and greatly reduces the likelihood of a collision.

As we get busier it's harder and harder to make time to take our dogs out. That means early rising (usually before sunrise) or later in the evening (after sunset) is when we do most of our exercise so the benefits of Illuminated products become obvious.

To further enhance visibility Poochlight LED dog collars and Poochlight™ LED dog leads both have 3 flashing modes and one static mode. It's a fact that flashing lights attract more attention than static illumination.

Unfortunately we can't rely on others to see us in the dark, everybody has varying degrees of vision, so it's our responsibility to stay illuminated and visible at night.

Other handy applications include LED illumination for seeing eye dogs for the visually impaired or take Poochlight™ on your next hiking or camping trip and keep an eye on Fido wherever he or she may be.

Many of our customers love Poochlight light up dog collars because they are able to track their dogs in their homes, hallways and back yards in an instant.
Some customers have even told us that Poochlight has helped them spot their camouflaged dogs on the couch after having previously almost sat on them! 

Safety aside Poochlight™ illuminating dog collars and leads are fun! Kids and adults alike love our products, we receive emails daily from our customers telling us how their glow in the dark LED collars and leads have had people stop them in the streets to ask them about it, some have even had Doggy Disco parties! (Thanks for the invite! ;) )

With free shipping daily in Australia and North America, trusted and secure payment gateway via PayPal and a 30 day money back guarantee, keeping your dog safe, bright and in sight with our LED Light up Poochlight™ products has never been easier. 

Own the best light up LED glow collar and leads today. 

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