Frequently Barked Questions

"Just letting you know that I have received the dog leash in the post today 
I would just like to say thank you for the way this whole transaction has been treated. 
Thank you again, I will be using the leash tonight!!!"
Jay - Sydney Australia

Do you offer free shipping outside the USA and Australia?

At the moment we have 2 main distribution centers. 1 in Los Angeles USA and the other in Melbourne Australia. Because our products use awesome rechargeable Lithium batteries it makes it very expensive to ship individual units by air. The fact Australia is a massive island means standard shipping by sea could take months but in the USA we are able to land freight your items. For the rest of the world there is a small shipping charge usually $10 to get it almost anywhere in the word. Europe, Brazil, China, India, Singapore, Korea, France, Germany, Spain and many other locations across the globe. If you're trying to buy and shipping isn't currently available in your area please contact us on live chat and an operator can process your order for you Buy now
I see cheaper products on Ebay that appear to do the same thing. How are your products different?

Yeah we know, Basically you're shopping the Rolls Royce while they selling a Datsun. You can buy inferior collars for as little as $2.50. We don't try to compete in that space. Our products have been designed and built from the ground up with extensive product development and testing. We also use superior 'best in class' components with brighter lights, heavy duty insulated wiring rechargeable Lithium batteries .  You can also hit us up on live chat with any questions or concerns 24/7 Compare us to the competition here and read the reviews here
Are your products water resistant?

Yes as a matter of fact they are. Your dog can roll around in mud or splash around in puddles all day long and the Poochlight will take what you can give it. We have tested our products under running water but we don't recommend or guarantee that the product is water proof meaning don't submerge the product in water as the units are not pressure sealed, just make sure the USB plug is dry and free of moisture before charging. View Our Technology here
Are your products dangerous?

No. Under normal operating conditions our products are safe. We do recommend however that when not in use you store the products away and out of reach from children and pets. While all our products come with warning labels dogs and kids can't read so they don't realize they shouldn't eat the battery or stare at flashing lights for long periods of time. Lithium batteries are toxic and should not be taken internally and the flashing setting may cause seizures for individuals with pre-existing epileptic condition or those with diagnosed epilepsy.
What batteries does Poochlight take and how long does it last?
They are rechargeable! Never change a battery again. All our products come with a USB charging cable that you can plug into any standard USB plug. Generally it takes 45 mins to 1 hour to charge. During that time the Poochlight product will have a soft glow indicating charging is in progress. Once the charge is complete the collar will turn off and you now have 10 hours of full strength (usable) light after which time the light will start to dim or the Poochlight will switch off. 10 hours is our conservative figure as we have had the products last for over 48 hours during extensive all weather testing. View Our Technology here
What's the point?

First and foremost Poochlight is a safety product. Doesn't matter if you think you're Cesar Milan or how well trained your dog is you're going to encounter situations where silly humans may not be able to see Fido at night. Out in park off leash, shared paths with pedestrians and cyclists, crossing the road at night, down the pub with friends or out camping, you want others & yourself to be able to spot your dog in an instant. There are 101 practical ways to use the Poochlight. Safety aside it's too much fun, especially watching a group of 'headless' dogs running around in the moonlight. They also look so sweet during the day especially with the twin varsity stripes, detailed stitching and color coded clips.
Do you accept returns? 

Yes we offer a returns policy up to 30 days on goods that are faulty and/or unused condition with packaging intact. Our complete returns policy is outlined during the checkout phase. If you change your mind about the product within 30 days send it back to us for a *full refund *conditions apply. Read out policy here
Do you have harnesses?

We sure do, they utilize the same technology as our leads and collars but with basically double the surface area and dont worry extra small dogs, we have sizing just for you! Check them out here.

 Check out little Daisy, AKA @underbiteunite rocking out with her Pink Flamingo Poochlight collar