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Compare The Poochlight™ Difference.

"I just wanted to mention that I'm super impressed with the collar and really glad we went with it. 
All the other humans at our local park went with the cheap collars 
and they look like dying embers next to the Squeaker Poochlight collar."
Sam & Derp. Melbourne Australia.

A lot of you wanted to know what makes Squeaker Poochlight collars, leads and harnesses different from our competitors and how we are able to claim to be the Ultimate in LED Pet Safety. We know what goes into a Squeaker Poochlight product and now we want you to be able to compare for yourself. 

What better way to get our point across than in a chart! We all love a chart and even better a matrix so we created this easy visual reference so you can make an informed decision with your hard earned cash on why our Light Up LED Dog products are the ultimate in illuminating pet safety and the best value for money. 

With the popularity of LED pet safety products on the rise there are many cheap eBay imitators, which we don't include in this matrix, we chose to pit ourselves against the established and leading brands in LED pet technology. But don't take our word for it, read what the pet experts from around the globe are saying at our media page. Click here


Squeaker Poochlight Weather Resistant


Squeaker Poochlight USB Rechargeable


Squeaker Poochlight Dual Optical Strips


Squeaker Poochlight Solid Glow Strip


Squeaker Poochlight Dual LED



10 Hr

Squeaker Poochlight Size Adjustable


Squeaker Poochlight Colour Coded Clips


Squeaker Poochlight Free Delivery


Squeaker Poochlight 24/7 Live Chat Support


Squeaker Poochlight

Squeaker Poochlight

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