The longest & brightest LED dog leash. The competition can hold their candle.

The ultimate LED light up safety leash features the longest continuous end to end Light-Up LED dog leash on the market. (1.2m, 47 inches) with a soft grip comfort handle. All Poochlight Products feature dual pair illumination, USB charging, 3 flashing modes and a static glow function for superior light distribution over the length of the lead eliminating discoloration and a viewing distance of up to half a mile, (1 kilometer) 
Keep them safe and in sight from potentially dangerous collisions with cyclists, pedestrians and cars. Poochlight products are water resistant, fully rechargeable and use 2 pairs of LED lights on each end of the collar and lead with dual Optical fiber strips compared to a single strip allowing for greater visibility, flexibility and comfort. (Excludes XS Model)

Squeaker Poochlight™ Products use dual pair optics, 3 flashing modes and a static glow function and an off setting. Poochlight uses best in class hardware and have been tested extensively.
Now get out there and have some fun! Take back the night. Keep yourself and your pet safe with  Poochlight™