I judge people by the way they walk their dogs.

I know it's bad to judge, you don't know what others have gone through, maybe they had a bad day? Ok sure I am a horrible person, but that's what the comments section is for.

But honestly, judging people is a horrible thing to do, but mainly I judge people at our local dog park.
I especially judge people when I see them being pulled around by their dog on it's leash. It really is a funny sight. That dog is in total control of that situation and their human. I often feel like saying "Have you ever watched an episode of Cesar Milan?" I mean some of these dogs aren't even puppies they are full grown dogs. How can they lack so much discipline? How have they let this get so out of control?

Yeah i'm smug, we take the dogs out for a walk and they stroll perfectly by my side. When we let Buddy off the lead he becomes even more well behaved for some bizarre reason, almost like we never even took the leash in the first place, strutting around, shaking his booty.

Now he is just giving me a big head! I am the best dog whisperer on the PLANET, look at us! I bet everyone is saying how much of a rad team we make. All I have to do is say is "slowly" and he drops the pace or if I say "run" he sprints off, totally obedient. Sure he stops to sniff some other dogs butt from time to time, but I just keep on walking and within 20 seconds he is bounding after me right back at my side.

Yeah we are tight. What a combo, nobody can judge us. I would even go as far as to say I could be a young Cesar... wait... where did he go? "Buddy", "Buddy"... As I look around, I can't see him anywhere, totally ruining my story right now. I see a bunch of smug dog owners staring me down as we all watch Buddy steal the other dogs balls and run off with them, and he isn't listening to a word I am saying,  but he is well trained I swear! ... maybe I should have titled this post "Dogs will embarrass you at the most inappropriate times" ... hey I just gave myself an idea for my next post! :)

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Christopher Forcucci
Christopher Forcucci