Dr Chris Brown put Poochlight on TV! #primetime

Apparently Dr Chris Brown AKA Bondi Vet got a hold of one of our collars and totally digs it!
He put it up against some other products on Aussie TV station Channel 10's hit television program "The Living Room" in the Hot or Not section and the website lit up! Apparently we are HOT!

Below is a transcript of Dr Chris Browns pitch to the audience. His words not ours.
We are really grateful and couldn't ask for a better testimonial from a trusted
Veterinarian and consummate professional. Thanks Doc!

Dr Chris Brown : This time of year with winter people tend to find they still need to 

exercise their pets but if you go to work up in the morning and you get home from
work in the afternoon the only time to exercise is around those times. It’s dark, which
makes it really tricky to exercise their pets. It’s been a problem until this product came
about it is called The Poochlight. So if it’s dark (lights dim) ... The poochlight changes
all of that. (Turns on collar and leash)

Audience:  Ohhhhhh Ahhhhh

Dr Chris Brown : So you can walk your dog and everyone can see where you are.
There is a big issue with pets exercising in winter and in the dark because they can 
quite easily stray away from where you are and end up on a road and in the dark 
you just have no idea that they are there especially dark pets like little buster here. 
So this sort of thing could save lives, I do think it is quite a good idea. 

Amanda Keller : Alright well the vet has spoken do we think it’s Hot or Not?


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Chiko Bear
Chiko Bear