HELLO. YES, THIS IS DOG - Origin of the meme

Some of you may have noticed in our FAQ section we have a rather grainy image of a dog with the phone up to his ear with the caption. "Yes this is dog". For those of you who are new to the world of internet funnies this is known as a meme and 'Hello. Yes this is dog' is one of the most popular memes but where did it originate from and why is it so funny?


“Yes, This is Dog” (also known as “Hello, This is Dog”) is an image macro series featuring a black Labrador anthropomorphized with the caption as if it is answering the telephone. The phrase and image have been remixed into a variety of different photographs often including other animals in anthropomorphic situations.


The trope of anthropomorphizing domesticated pets has been seen prior to this series, most notably with LOLcat image macros in 2005, Dogfort comics in 2010 and “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing” images in 2011. The earliest known instance of the image macro featuring the caption “Yes, This is Dog” was posted by Tumblr blogger VivaDixies[8] on October 2nd, 2011.

The photograph of the black Labrador originated from the 1984 Serbian film 
Pejzaži u magli (“Landscape in the Mist”),
directed by Serbian director Rade Šerbedžija.
[7] The scene is shown at 2:15 in the film:


On October 4th, 2011, the image was re-posted in a Reddit thread titled “It’s for you, boy”[1], reaching the front page of the /r/funny subreddit with over 20,000 up votes. On October 30th, Redditor[3] shivs4kids submitted an image of Duane “Dog” Chapman, the star of the reality series Bounty Hunter, with the caption “Hello? Yes, This is Dog” that received over 6,000 up votes within 6 weeks.

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