What's in a name? (and a logo)

For our first post we racked our brains wondering what would be a good first topic get the blog rolling and we figured why not talk about the first think you do when you meet your pet for the first time. Choosing a name!

For us choosing a name (and logo) for Squeaker was a gnarly task. We knew we wanted to sell Illuminating LED dog collars, leads and harnesses but It still took us months to find the right fit, but fact is we didn't have months to work it out, production was underway and we needed to act pronto. Add in the availability factor (Has it been done before, is the business name registered, are the domain names registered) how do you make a commitment to a brand name without sounding too doggy and what image do we use on the logo?

In the end while we were searching for a name for our pet products the idea to use a stylized balloon dog as our logo / mascot came to us after shooting a series of balloon animals as part of an advertising campaign for a clients paper company.

The more we thought about it the more it made sense. The balloon dog is a fond childhood memory and the poodle an iconic animal. It’s silhouette is instantly recognizable, and is one of the first dogs children are able to identify and recall.



The Poodle is also one of the most intelligent dogs on the planet and it's wool coat makes it as unique as it is clever and embodies everything Squeaker aims to be. Attractive, fun, intelligent, practical and unique.

When choosing our name we knew it couldn't be cliche, but we wanted the name to be memorable, easy to recall, catchy and relevant to our 'Poodle esque' ethos and ideology.Balloon animals are typically shiny, artistic and technical. The balloon animal represent innocence and fun, they make you smile and they squeak when you handle them!

Coincidentally puppies squeak before they can bark and if you search the hashtag #squeak or #squeaker on social media you will find hundreds of thousands of images of dogs and puppies which, we identified as a massive bonus and a great tie back to the brand. The decision to name the brand Squeaker was chosen.

First and foremost our first range of products have been designed to keep the users pets safe and to reflect this we encased our Poodle (Squeak) in a bubble to imply that our products while being fun, fashionable and playful are still intended to give the owner a level of control, keeping their dogs safe while being fun and playful at the same time.

In a nutshell after we committed to Squeak the balloon poodle the name just materialized. Not only does a squeak get your attention it's also memorable, easy to spell and it's fun and is the embodiment of the Squeaker ethos. We are therefore Squeakers! 

That's how Squeaker got her name, leave a comment or write to us and tell the world about how and why you named your pets!

Chiko Bear
Chiko Bear