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Behind The Brand

Hello We Are Squeaker! 

Get to know Squeaker, a new PetTech company from Australia based in Melbourne and Los Angeles.

We are a group of designers and engineers who are serious about dog safety. Our mission is to challenge the way people view pet products and their approach to pet safety through technology and fun.

Our founder had the idea for a light up dog collar and leash while riding his bike and noticed how hazardous and easy it was for cyclists and dogs to collide while commuting on the same path, not to mention low visibility to cars while crossing the road or stepping off the curb. After a few close shaves and an unintended swim in the Maribyrnong river the stylish and "dance move inducing" Poochlight was born and we haven’t looked back.

Squeaker Poochlight is now selling worldwide and has been sold in over 30 countries along with rave reviews from Australia’s best VET’s and the worlds most renowned blogs and news outlets. All of our products are designed and tested in Australia and built to withstand the tough Aussie conditions. But don't take our word for it. Read what the press has been saying about the Squeaker Poochlight LED range. Click here and join the thousands of pet owners who are enjoying the safety of our Poochlight products.

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Behind The Brand.  


Network 10 Australia Interview
'High Tech Hound'

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'Technology in the pet industry'

So what goes into designing one of the most innovative and effective
light-up LED dog collars
and leashes on the market?

Dog Milk say down with the founder of 
to discuss the role technology plays in the pet industry
and how it can be used to improve the lives of pet parents and dogs alike!

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Pretty Fluffy - Interview 
'Squeaker : Behind The Brand'

Squeaker is possibly one of the hottest items in pet products for 2014.
Where did the idea come from?

Founder Chris Forcucci was kind enough to allow a sneak peek into their hip Melbourne offices (dog friendly of course) and to pick his brain on all things pet tech…

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We love our customers!

Peter Alexander, Butch & Betty
Pyjama King, RSPCA Ambassador & Happy Squeaker Customer.

Peter Alexander - Pyjama King + RSPCA Ambassador